OFFFMàtica: Other Mirrors The festival's exhibition

The Janus Machine

Documento sin título The 3rd SonarKids includes the OFFFMàtica: Other Mirrors exhibition, organised jointly by Sónar and the OFFF festival in collaboration with the CCCB.

OFFFMàtica presents a selection of interactive works based around the concept of the portrait. Taking the portrait as their starting point, the pieces cover areas of investigation ranging from pixel treatment to reality and its representation, by way of interpretation and distortion.

Children and parents will be able to physically interact with these works and try out the machines for themselves, to observe at first hand how their faces are transformed and manipulated by technology, in an entertaining and educational way.

The works in the exhibition include a laser that paints the faces of those attending on a phosphorescent screen, a compressed air pistol that draws portraits on paper using holes, a machine turning shadows into pixels and a photobooth that captures the surprise and emotions of those going inside it.

The list of works at OFFFMàtica: Other Mirrors is as follows:

Joshua Davis (US) - The Yelling Room

Kyle McDonald (US), Zach Lieberman (US), Theo Watson (UK) & Daito Manabe (JP) - The Janus Machine
Aram Barthol (DE) - 0,16
Marnix de Nijs (NL) - Mirror Piece
Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi (JP) - Fadeout
Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi (JP) - Points
Set Hunter & Eric Rosenbaum (US) - Stillness Clock, Motion Clock
Ignore (ES) - Photobooth
Overtype Studio Tour: BCN Vol 1.0. Inocuo, Brosmind, Diestro, Joel Lozano, Hanako Mimiko, Luis NCT & Enric Sant - Various works
VV.AA. - Online Works

OFFMàtica will take place in the traditional venue for SonarMàtica, on Floor -1 of the CCCB.

The Janus Machine0,16Mirror PiecePhotoboothStillness Clock, Motion ClockOvertype Studio Tour: BCN Vol 1.0
  • Age
  • All ages
  • Space
  • Planta -1 CCCB
  • Hour
  • All the day long