Street Dance Masterclass ... by Brodas


The company Brodas, true specialists in the art of street dance, return to SonarKids show us their new and spectacular choreographies, with a preview of their exciting new show, “Hip-Hop Danza Urbana”, in SonarVillage, as well as two special workshops in SonarComplex for the youngest members of the family.

Show up and dance with Brodas and Sonarkids!

Sonarkids along with Brodas bring forward the company’s performance for the festival offering special hip-hop workshops at L’illa Diagonal on June 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th.

Timetable information here:

Friday 3rd

Saturday 4th

Friday 10th

Saturday 11th

17.30h-18h 12.30h-13h 17.30h-18h 12.30h-13h
18.30h-19h 13.30h-14h 18.30h-19h 13.30h-14h
19.30h-20h 17.30h-18h 19.30h-20h 17.30h-18h
20.30h-21h 18.30h-19h 20.30h-21h 18.30h-19h
19.30h-20h 19.30h-20h
20.30h-21h 20.30h-21h

  • Age
  • from 5 years old onwards
  • Space
  • SonarComplex
  • Hour
  • 1:30pm and 5:15pm
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