0 > 100 A musical composition workshop with four cities hooked up live across the net


SonarKids presents “0 > 100”, an interactive musical experience directed by Guillamino, which will be based in the MACBA Auditorium, on the two days of SonarKids (12th and 13th June), from 11am to 2pm.

“0 > 100” will how electronic music is made in real time explain to the younger members of the family, based on their active participation at all times, thanks to telepresence, a new way of bringing together participants in distant locations in a way as real as if they were present in the same room.

Four musicians, four towns… and a whole bunch of instruments!

The new experience will feature the simultaneous participation of four musicians in four Catalan towns: Koulomek in Granollers, Cauto in Lleida, Drome in Olot (just on Saturday) and Guillamino from Barcelona, which will be the nerve centre of operations. The audience is invited to participate by bringing their own instruments to any of the four venues.

“0 > 100” promotes active participation among the children attending in the four towns. That is why the children will have to bring their own instruments from home - it could be a plastic sax, a toy guitar, a triangle, harmonica or a tambourine. Anything goes!

With these instruments, the four young Catalan producers will work on the sounds that the children produce with their instruments - each in a different town. There will be two screens in each of the four venues: one connected to each musician's computer, so that the audience can watch and understand how they work on songs; and another one showing what is happening in the other towns, as an audiovisual broadcast.

The end result, which will include all the songs which the children in the four towns have participated on, can be heard on the days after the festival on the SonarKids website.

Anella Cultural is a project promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, the Fundación I2CAT, the CCCB and the Consorci de Municipis Transversal, which aims to link up cultural centres using optical fibre to share cultural projects. Unlike other similar projects, the Anella Cultural connections enable bidirectionality and symmetry, meaning that the cultural centres can receive and send audio and video signals at the same time.

Resulting samples from the workshop:

01. Barcelona - 90bpm - Saturday 12th

02. Barcelona - 110bpm - Saturday 12th

03. Barcelona - 125bpm - Saturday 12th

04. Barcelona - 90bpm - Sunday 13th

05. Barcelona - 110bpm - Sunday 13th

06. Barcelona - 125bpm - Sunday 13th

07. Granollers - 90bpm - Saturday 12th

08. Granollers - 110bpm - Saturday 12th

09. Granollers - 125bpm - Saturday 12th

10. Olot - 90bpm - Saturday 12th

11. Olot - 125bpm - Saturday 12th

12. Lleida - 90bpm - Saturday 12th

13. Lleida - 110bpm - Saturday 12th

14. Lleida - 90bpm - Sunday 13th

15. Lleida - 110bpm - Sunday 13th

16. Lleida - 125bpm - Sunday 13th

17. Lleida - 140bpm - Sunday 13th

  • Age
  • from 5 years old onwards
  • Space

    Auditori MACBA

    Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts

    Teatre l'Escorxador Sala 2

    Museu Comarcal de La Garrotxa
  • Hour
  • 12th and 13th, from 11am to 2pm